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Indicator AskBid

Full Name: ClusterDelta_PremiumAskBid_{version}

Indicator AskBid shows absolute values of volume executed by Ask price or above and volumes executed by Bid price and below. Note, that volume and delta are calculated by volumes executed by prices Ask and Bid on:



Data shows in histogramm mode where Ask and Bid volumes histogramms directed to opposite directions. Histogramm show volume distribitution and may be an additional signal for Volume or Delta indicators.

Premium AskBid indicator use an additional library so it downloading data in background mode and this does not any effect like freezing to your terminal. Then next advantage that Premium AskBid indicator shows data in Online mode without delay. Also Premium indicator can show history splitted data for a more than 2 years.

Parameters description:

  • HELP_URL (default value "http://my.clusterdelta.com/askbid") - text comment that does not affect to indicator. This parameter contains URL of indicator description.
  • Instrument (default value "AUTO") - The brokers can use different tickers on the same instruments so you can use name of exact futures to get data from it. On value "AUTO" server try to determine futures using broker's ticker name.

    Important: there are volumes only on major pairs (related to their futures), and there are NO volumes on EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and other cross pairs! If you get data to terminal for this pair - it will be data of one of the major pair.

  • MetaTrader_GMT (default value "AUTO") - each broker setup his MT server with different GMT. Unfortunately there are no builtin methods to determine it so server compares last time from terminal with its own. For premium indicators commonly it has to be "AUTO".
  • Comment_Layers (default value "-- ASK BID Layers" ) - text comment that does not affect to indicator
  • Ask_Layer(default value "true") - parameter specifying whether to show (true) or not to show (false) the layer of data on Ask
  • Bid_Layer(default value "true") - parameter specifying whether to show (true) or not to show (false) the layer of data on Bid
  • Ask_Up(default value "true") - parameter specifying direction of ASK histogramm: true - Up, false - Down.
  • Bid_Down(default value "true") - parameter specifying direction of ASK histogramm: true - Down, false - Up.
  • Current_Ask (default value "LimeGreen") - color of current value of Ask histogramm
  • Current_Bid (default value "LimeGreen") - color of current value of Bid histogramm

    Attention: you should change colors of histogramm in Colors Tab of your settings panel

  • Comment_History (default value "--- Premium Settings ") - this is text comment, it does not any effect to indicator
  • Days_in_History (default value "0") - this parameter adjust length of history in days. With value "0" server adjust it to optimal value depends on timeframe.
  • Custom_Start_time (default value "2017.01.01 00:00") - if Custom_Start_Time and Custom_End_Time are different to value "2017.01.01 00:00" server loads history using custom period related to your parameters.
  • Custom_End_time (default value "2017.01.01 00:00") - see Custom_Start_Time
  • Reverse Settings (default value "--------- Reverse for USD/XXX symbols ---------") - this is text comment, it does not any effect to indicator
  • ReverseChart (default value "false") - for USD/ forex pairs (exceot USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF) you should set it to "true" so indicator data turn over to match chart of forex pair.
  • DO_NOT_SET_ReverseChart (default value "...for USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF --") - this is text comment, it does not any effect to indicator.

    Important: you do not need to use ReverseChart for pairs like USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF because indicator founds them automatically

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