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Indicator Splash

Full name: ClusterDelta_PremiumSplash_{version}

The Splash indicator is the first indicator in the ClusterDelta series for the tick history analysis. This indicator is developed for searching big splashes of volumes when big volumes took place in a short period of time.

The exchange is a market place where buyers meet sellers. When there is big money on a tick chart it will be not obvious as any big order during execution process will be divided into a lot of smaller ones, depending on the size of opposite orders. But sometimes there occur sellers and buyers of big volumes in the deal. Then non-typical volumes appear in the tape - for example 60 or 100 lots in one tick. We can call this smart money (Smart Money) minding that they manage this market and our task is to track their activity

The Splash indicator in the Premium package uses additional libraries, which allows you to download data in the background mode.

  • HELP_URL (the default value of "http://my.clusterdelta.com/splash") is a text comment with a link where you can find a description of the indicator settings. It has no effect on the indicator.
  • Instrument (the default value is "AUTO") - as many dealing centers (DCs) within the same instruments can use different tickers names this parameter allows you to specify the name of the ticker from which the data will be imported. If the value is "AUTO" the server tries to identify the required tickers analyzing the name of the instrument from the DC.
  • MetaTrader_GMT (the default value is "AUTO") - as each DC individually sets the data server to display data correctly in the indicator you should specify the time zone of the DC server. Unfortunately, there are no built-in methods for this parameter determining, so in the AUTO mode the server compares the time of the last quotation of the client.
  • TickAggregate_Mode (the default value is "Aggregate_Tick") - determines the method of data analysis for the indicator calculating.
    Possible TickAggregate_Mode values:
    • Tick_By_Tick - the tape will be used for the analysis as is where the splashes will be filtered by the volume size filter.
    • Aggregate_Tick – an aggregated tape will be used for the analysis where similar ticks (ticks of the same price and direction following one after another) are aggregated into one tick.
  • Strike (the default value is "120") - the minimum tick volume displayed on the chart.
  • Days (the default value is "14") - the diapason of the calculation period in days.
  • Other_Settings (the default value is "Period for calculations") is a text comment. It has no effect on the indicator.
  • Online_Mode (the default value "until_NOW") – determines the last point of the calculation period
    • until_NOW - the last point of the calculation period is the current time (the online updating mode)
    • until_CustomLastDate - the last point of the calculation period is the date in the Custom_LastDate parameter
  • Custom_LastDate (the default value is "2017.01.01 00:00") – determines the last point of the calculation period if the "Online_Mode" parameter is set to "until_CustomLastDate".
  • Ask_Tick_Color (default value of "SeaGreen") - sets the color for ticks displaying executed at the ASK price or higher
  • Bid_Tick_Color (the default is "Sienna") - sets the color for ticks displaying executed at the BID price or lower
  • ObjectMaxRadius (the default value is "36") - the maximum radius of the object. It is used to scale ticks of different volumes.
  • ObjectMaxVolume (the default value is "AUTO") - the maximum volume corresponding to the maximum radius of the object. It is used to scale ticks of different volumes. If the value is not "AUTO" then ticks with volume higher than specified will have a golden frame but the size will remain as when ObjectMaxRadius
  • Forex_Shift_mode (default value is "Auto_Day") - determines method for the shift calculating between futures and forex.
    Possible values of Forex_Shift_mode:
    • Auto_Day - the shift will be calculated basing on the High and Low peak prices per the day.
    • Manual - the shift will be set manually according to the variable Forex_Shift
  • ForexShift (the default value is "0") - the quantity of points which the chart will be shifted up or down if the Forex_Shift_mode parameter is set in the "Manual" value. The variable can be higher than zero as well as less. It is created to take into consideration the forward points (the difference between the futures and spot price).
  • Reverse Settings (the default value "--------- Reverse for USD / XXX symbols ---------") is a text comment, it has no effect on the indicator
  • ReverseChart (the default value is "false") - for reverse packages (except for USD / JPY, USD / CAD, USD / CHF) there is a need to set the value "true" so these indicators could "reverse "and correspond to the chart.
  • DO_NOT_SET_ReverseChart (the default value is "... for USD / JPY, USD / CAD, USD / CHF -") is a text comment, it has no effect on the indicator, the comment itself gives a hint that you do not need to set the ReverseChart parameter for USD / JPY, USD / CAD, USD / CHF because the indicator will recognize them and reverse these indicators if necessary.

There are some screenshots of this indicator:

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