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Indicator Time&Sales/Tape

Full Name: ClusterDelta_PremiumProfile_{version}

The TimeAndSales_Tape indicator is an indicator displaying the stock ticker in Online mode. This modification shifts the tape as a running line from right to left aggregating the same type of prints within the specified time. In addition the elements of the creeping line are positioned at the strike price. The indicator includes one control element. The beginning of the running line is determined by the position of the square which is always at the current price level.

The tape indicator in the Premium package uses additional libraries which allows you to download data in the background mode.

Description of the indicator parameters:

  • HELP_URL (the default value of "http://my.clusterdelta.com/timeandsales") is a text comment with a link where you can find a description of the indicator settings. It has no influence on the indicator.
  • TS_SETTINGS (default value "==== T & S Parameters ====") is a text comment. It has no influence on the indicator.
  • ASK_Color ( (default value is "YellowGreen") - the text color in the running line for ticks that of the ASK price or higher.
  • BID_Color ( (the default value is "OrangeRed") is the text color in running line for ticks of the BID price or lower.
  • ASK_Background ( (default value is "YellowGreen") - the background color in the running line for ticks of the ASK price or higher.
  • BID_Background ( (the default value is OrangeRed) - the background color in the running line for ticks of the ASK price or lower.
  • MinVolume (the default value is "0") - the minimum volume to display the print (tick) in the running line.
  • Forex_Price (the default value is "true") - displays a running line corrected to the forex price (true) or with real futures price (false)
  • Run_Speed (the default value of "2") is the amount of time in seconds during which the data is aggregated. After this time the ticker element as well as the other elements shifts to the right
  • Instrument (the default value is "AUTO") - as many dealing centers (DCs) within the same instruments can use different futures names this parameter allows you to specify the name of the futures from which the data will be imported. If the value is "AUTO" the server tries to identify the required futures analyzing the name of the instrument from the DC.
  • MAX_SIZE (the default value is "50") - the maximum number of elements in the running line

There are some screenshots of this indicator:

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