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Premium Indicators, version 4.1

New release was launched on Aug, 24 for MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5. Minor bugs were fixed and some code were optimized. Indicators are ready dynamically change data servers in case of overload or deny of service of one of data servers. Also for MT5 all collection of indicators were ported including Profile, Splash, Infusion and also Time&Sales and DOM. Highly recommended to update indicators for current version. There are descriptions for every indicators on russian and english in your cabinet.

Premium Indicators, version 4.0

New update was released for Premium Indicator for MetaTrader 4. Highly recommended to install new version. Also were added additional indicators for searching volume infusions and splashes.

Premium Volume Indicators are working in online mode

Premium indicators like Volume, Delta, CumDelta are for MetaTrader 4/5 are working in online mode. So now market data streams without any delay.

Volume Indicators for MetaTrader 5, Premium edition

We are happy to announce that Metatrader 5 users may also use ClusterDelta Premium edition indicators.

Volume Indicators for MetaTrader 4, Premium edition

New edition was released for volume indicator for Metatrader 4 - Premium edition. Major advantages are that indicators release in source mql4 code and data for indicators is loading using DLL, so it does not freeze terminal.

Special Offer

Dear colleagues,
we have launched new offer: 25$ for 4 monthes subscription to Premium.

MT4 Load Accelerator

New version of MT4 indicators of volume was released. It kindly recommended to use this version instead of old one. In this release there is expert ClusterDelta_Server that takes function of loading data for indicators so that fixes an issue of MT4 freezing. Additionally server can be used as authorizer.


Indicator of Time&Sales with Depth of Market

Dear friends,
market data are closer to MT4 users. If you like MT4 you don't need to have couple of different trade platforms for getting market data, these are already in MT4. You can test (for free) indicator of "depth of market" and "time and sales"

Special Offer

Dear colleagues,
There is special offer to get Standart+Advanced packets for a special price $11.20 per 2 monthes.

ClusterDelta Online, ver 5.0 Release

Last release of ClusterDelta Online. The platform can be used to show cluster charts.


Indicators for МТ4, STANDART pack

  • ClusterDelta_Volume - market volume histogramm
  • ClusterDelta_Delta - delta (ask-bid) histogramm
  • ClusterDelta_CumDelta - cumulative delta chart
  • ClusterDelta_VolumeProfile - volume profile (volume histogramm cumulated by price)
  • ClusterDelta_VWAP - volume weighted average price
  • ClusterDelta_dPOC - dynamic POC (Point Of Control)

Indicators for MT4, ADVANCED pack

  • ClusterDelta_AskBidProfile - ASK/BID/DELTA Profile (on chart)
  • ClusterDelta_DeltaProfile - Delta profile (easy ver of Ask/Bid profile for convenience)
  • ClusterDelta_CumDelta_Chart - OHLC chart of cumulative delta
  • ClusterDelta_CumDelta_Advanced - cumulative delta chart with advanced history
  • ClusterDelta_Volume_Advanced - volume histogramm with advanced history
  • ClusterDelta_Delta_Advanced - Volume/Delta/Ask/Bid histogramms with advanced history
  • ClusterDelta_VWAP_Volume - VWAP, changed by me, based on the volume size (instead of time)

ClusterDelta Authorizer

ClusterDelta Authorizer - the small tray programm that sends your username and password every hour to allow access for your computer for MT4 indicators and ClusterDelta Online.

Each user can get temporary access for test ClusterDelta Online and MT4 indicators. Temporary access has no restrictions to real access. By the way you can use it if you have problems with money transfer.

Have a nice trades.


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