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Before you start trading on the financial markets, you should consider that trading in currencies, futures, stocks and other investment products is market-based and always involves a significant degree of risk. As a result of various financial fluctuations, you can not only significantly increase your capital, but also completely lose it.

Software, elements of trading ideas, trading systems, trading signals and other information from the portal and the forum You have the right to use only for personal purposes, but at the same time risks and liability for possible consequences, including financial results, apply only to you.

Risk Warning: Trading Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

This agreement describes the terms under which you may purchase products and services from the ClusterDelta developers at Before using the store service, the User must read and accept all the terms of this agreement. Otherwise, the User may not use ClusterDelta products and software, nor use the "" store service. This agreement is located for public access on the Internet at and can be changed by the Management of the "" store unilaterally without additional notice to the User.

The parties to this agreement are the "" Store, hereinafter simply the "Store", and any individual using its service to purchase Products and Services, hereinafter referred to as the "User".


1. Terms and definitions.

1.1. ClusterDelta is the name of the brand under which the software from the developers of this project is released. The software includes the ClusterDelta Online platform and a series of indicators for trading terminals.

1.2. is the URL of the project.

1.3. is the URL of the store (hereinafter referred to as the Store), in which the user, after registering on the website and passing an authorization in the Store, can purchase Products and Services for the Electronic Currency of various Payment Systems.

1.4. User is any natural or legal person using the services of the Store

1.5. Electronic currency is a monetary and / or other obligation between the developer of this currency and its user, expressed digitally.

1.6. A payment system is a software and hardware product developed by a third party and is a mechanism for accounting for monetary and/or other obligations, as well as organizing mutual settlements between its users.

1.7. Products - information in electronic form (in the form of files) or software created by ClusterDelta developers, offered for use as part of a monthly subscription service.

1.8. Services - a monthly subscription fee for the right to use ClusterDelta software products. The balance in the amount of the subscription fee for the services is charging at the time of its purchase or in the auto-renewal mode every calendar month upon the expiration of the previous subscription. The validity period of the service is calculated as one calendar month from the end of the previous service or from the date of purchase if the previous service has already expired.

1.9. Purchase - the purchase of Products and / or Services for personal use at the expense of the available Balance.

1.10. Balance - the presence of a deposit on the User's account, which increases as a result of Replenishments and decreases as a result of Purchases or write-offs for Subscriptions.

1.11. Replenishment - transfer of electronic and / or other currency from the payer to the Store and its crediting to the balance in automatic or manual mode.

1.12. URL - the address of the resource on the global Internet, where the resource site is available.

2. Introduction.

2.1. This agreement governs the relationship between the User and the Store regarding the services provided by the Store to the User and cancels all previous agreements between the Store and the User on this subject.

2.2. This agreement does not cancel the current legislation of the countries of registration and location of the Store and the User, as well as the contractual relationship between the User and the Payment system (systems). In the event that, under the terms of the current legislation or other agreements, the User cannot use the products and services of ClusterDelta, then the use of the Store by the User is prohibited by these rules.

2.3. The Store guarantees and ensures the confidentiality of information about the User and his operations. The store can provide this information only at the request of authorized state bodies, officials or representatives of Payment systems, if there are legal grounds.

3. Subject matter

3.1. The subject of this agreement are services for the purchase of Products and Services, the description of which is provided on the pages of the Store.

3.2. The Service offers its services to all Users and does not verify the eligibility and legality of the User's possession of electronic currencies and / or financial resources used in the Replenishment and does not supervise the User's operations in any of the Payment systems.

3.3. Payment systems and/or financial institutions are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the User. The Store cannot be a party to an agreement between the Payment System and/or a financial institution and the User and is in no way responsible for the User's misuse or unauthorized use of the Payment System's capabilities, as well as for the User's abuse of the functionality of the Payment System. Mutual rights and obligations of the User and the Payment System and/or financial institution are governed by the relevant agreements.

3.4. The User has the right to demand a refund from the Balance at any time. Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions found in the "Refunds" section at

3.5. The User has the right, without explaining the reasons, to demand a refund to the Balance for any Purchase or Service that he purchased within the last 14 days.

3.6. The Store has the right to suspend the provision of the service to the User without explaining the reasons, subject to the full return to the User of the funds on the Balance.

4. Service

4.1. The purchase of Products and Services and the receipt of information about the User's transactions are carried out exclusively using the corresponding user interface located on the Store's website.

4.2. Immediately after purchasing the Products and Services, the User has the right and opportunity to use them.

4.3. The store offers its service around the clock and seven days a week and will strive to ensure that the software and hardware complex that implements the capabilities of the Store works without failures.

4.4. The terms for contacting the representatives of the Store usually do not exceed one day, but in exceptional situations they can be extended, which will be notified in the "Contacts" section.

4.5. Services with a subscription fee, as such, do not provide for a temporary suspension of their action at the request of the user and / or postponement of their expiration date, but if necessary or in order to compensate for possible force majeure circumstances and disputes, the management of the Store can increase.

5. Cost of Products and Services

5.1. The cost of Products and Services is determined by the management of the Store and published on the Store's website. The Store management has the right to change the prices of Products and Services without further notice.

5.2. In addition to the established rates, the User also reimburses all additional costs for postage, telephone, fax, etc., which may arise in the course of business relations with the Store.

5.3. Due to the unstable exchange rate caused by uncorresponded difference between official and actual exchane rate of UAH/USD, the amount charged from User's credit card may be higher (or lower) of the selected amount that User would like to pay (up to 5-7% maximum).

6. Guarantees and liability of the parties

6.1. The Store provides its service to the User on an "as is" basis: as described on the pages of the Store's website and does not offer any additional guarantees.

6.2. The Store guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User within the limits of the deposit on the Balance entrusted to the Store by the User for carrying out operations.

6.3. The store will make every effort, but does not guarantee that its services will be available around the clock and daily. The Store does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other costs of the User resulting from the impossibility of gaining access to the site and service of the Store.

6.5. The Store is not responsible for losses, lost profits and other costs of the User resulting from erroneous expectations and incorrect actions of the User with the software or ClusterDelta Products.

6.6. The data provided in the ClusterDelta software are the result of software processing of external information, and given the technical features of obtaining it from external sources, the reliability of data in ClusterDelta software products and its coincidence with other analogues is not guaranteed.

6.7. The User guarantees compensation for the Store's losses in cases of claims or claims directly or indirectly related to the User's use of the Store's service, with the exception of losses caused by the guilty (intentional or negligent) actions of the Store itself.

6.8. The User guarantees that he is the owner or has legal grounds to dispose of the amounts used in his transactions in the Payment Systems.

6.9. The User undertakes not to falsify communication flows related to the operation of the Store.

7. Force Majeure

7.1. Neither the User nor the Store will be liable to each other for delays or failure to fulfill their obligations resulting from the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist attacks, power shifts, wars conflicts as well as non-functioning of Payment systems, energy supply systems , communication networks and Internet service providers.

Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine has been involved in war as a result of a full-scale invasion by Russia. We do our best to provide our services in accordance with the above agreement


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