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Indicator Time and Sales

Full Name: ClusterDelta_Time&Sales_{version}

The Time & Sales indicator is an indicator displaying the stock ticker in Online mode. Thus far this is the simplest indicator in the series showing the current situation in the tape of prints. There are two control elements in the indicator. With the help of the "Move" button (when clicking it) you can remove the tape window to any place and the height of the tape window (which initially adjusts to the height of the window) is adjusted by dragging the square in the lower right corner of the indicator (to drag, you should click on the square, (left mouse button should be released), change the position of the square, and click again to return the square to the previous released state. The tape of prints shifts from top to bottom in the tape window

The tape indicator in the Premium package uses additional libraries which allows you to download data in the background mode.

Description of indicator parameters:

  • HELP_URL (the default value of "http://my.clusterdelta.com/timeandsales") is a text comment with a link where you can find a description of the indicator settings. It has no effect on the indicator
  • TS_SETTINGS (default value "==== T & S Parameters ====") is a text comment. It has no effect on the indicator
  • ASK_Color ( (the default value is "YellowGreen") is the ticks color in the tape of the ASK price or higher.
  • BID_Color ( (the default value is "OrangeRed") is the ticks color in the tape of the BID price or lower.
  • MinVolume (the default value is "0") is the minimum volume to display the print (tick) in the tape.
  • Forex_Shift (the default value is "0") - the number of points at which the price will change up or down. A variable can be higher than zero as well as less. It is created to take into consideration the forward points (the difference between the futures and spot price)
  • Instrument (the default value is "AUTO") - as each DC individually sets the data server to display data correctly in the indicator you should specify the time zone of the DC server. Unfortunately, there are no built-in methods for this parameter determining, so in the AUTO mode the server compares the time of the last quotation of the client.
  • Title_Color ( (the default is "Gray") is the text color of the title
  • Time_ASK_Color ( (the default value is "Gray") is the text color of the time when the tick passed the ASK price
  • Time_BID_Color ( (the default value is "Gray is the text color of the time when the tick passed the BID price
  • TS_Rows (the default value is "AUTO") - the number of rows in the tape ( by default adapts to the window height)
  • Background (the default value is "clrNONE") – the background color of the tape workspace ( by default it is transparent)
  • Border (the default value is "Gray") - the frame color of the of the tape workspace
  • Hour_Shift (the default value is "0") - the time shift which will be considered in the output time for the print tape

    Below there is an indicator moved to some position of the chart:

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