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Indicators for МТ4-MT5 / Premium / Volume Indicator Chart



Indicator of Volume / Chart

Full Name: ClusterDelta_PremiumVolume_{version}_Chart
Indicator Modification:

Volume Indicator shows summary information for total volume orders in the each bar. This information visualize situation of trading on the world exchanges. Usually, the volumes spikes are signal of stopping of current trend. It does not mean reverse of trend because the market is still active and usually for reverse it may strike last peak but with less volume. You can see divergence between indicator and price peaks.

This is not only one description of using of this indicator. You can use it with VSA patterns. Premium Volume indicator use additional library so it can download data in background mode so this does not any effect like freezing to your terminal. Then next advantage that Premium Volume indicator shows data in Online mode without delay.

This version of volume indicator show histogram in the chart window.

Description of parameters:

  • HELP_URL (default value "http://my.clusterdelta.com/volume_chart") - text comment that does not affect to indicator. This parameter contains URL of indicator description.
  • Instrument (default value "AUTO") - The brokers can use different tickers on the same instruments so you can use name of exact futures to get data from it. On value "AUTO" server try to determine futures using broker's ticker name.
  • MetaTrader_GMT (default value "AUTO") - each broker setup his MT server with different GMT. Unfortunately there are no bultin methods to determine it so server compares last time from terminal with its own. During any periods while market is off you should adjust this parameter manually.
  • Update_in_sec (default value "12") - indicator has two methods of getting data online and session. This parameter set frequency of update by session method.
  • Comment_History (default value "--- Premium Settings ") - this is just text comment, it does not any effect to indicator
  • Days_in_History (default value "0") - this parameter adjust length of history in days. With value "0" server adjust it to optimal value depends on timeframe.
  • Custom_Start_time (default value "2017.01.01 00:00") - if Custom_Start_Time and Custom_End_Time are different to value "2017.01.01 00:00" server loads history using custom period related to your parameters.
  • Custom_End_time (default value "2017.01.01 00:00") - see Custom_Start_Time
  • Comment_Expert (default value "--- Expert Settings ") - this is just text comment, it does not any effect to indicator
  • Zoom (default value "25") - value (in percent) of height of whe window from bottom. This part of window will be used for displaying histogram
  • LineColor (default value "DodgerBlue") - color of Volume Histogramm bars
  • Comment_On_TimeFrame (default value "(0-All, 1-M1, 2-M5, 4-M15, 8-M30, 16-H1, 32-H4, 64-D1) - can be mixed" - this is tip how to use parameter Only_On_Timeframe
  • Only_On_TimeFrame (default value "0") - with this parameter you can display data on different timeframes. Bultin filter for "displaying on timeframes" does not work for some objects so you should adjust it manually. For displaying data on the different timeframe find sum of digits related to timeframe and put it in the parameter. For example if you want to see indicator on M5 and H1 you have to add 2 and 16, and set the result "18" into the field. "0" - means that indicator visible on all timeframes.

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