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Welcome to our community. Here you can fund money to your balance to be able to order a subscription.

If you wish to make a partial or full refund of your money go to the "Refund" section by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.



Enter amount at which you would like to fund your balance::

$7.50 PREMIUM for 1 month
SPECIAL OFFER: 25$ for 4 monthes of Premium
$64.00 PREMIUM for 1 year
LIFETIME Licence*: $220.00 (no limits)
...or you can enter amount manually:


Dear Customers, payments by card have been restored. If you are still experiencing a problem with the payments - let me know to

By the way, there are some alternative options - you can pay via Paypal or USDT:

PayPal ID:

USDT TRC20: TZCWW3cxVt9EouKQBCAdi2mgsr4TaBs3my

Telegram USDT TRC20: TZDu2LwCTsPjSjCCjKKtNMNX4hF5K1iAqV (Telegram app allows you to east buy USDT via P2P market, all transfers are protected by Telegram)

If you wish, you can contact me before the payment. If you have already done this before - make a payment, send a confirmation and your account name - I will fund your account within a short time manually.

Mail spam filters do not like words like forex or crypto so some messages would come to a spam folder and I can not see it. If you have not received a response within 12 hours, please do not hesitate to contact us via social media.

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* Lifetime licence allows access for all services and products of ClusterDelta with access up to 01/01/2050. Access activates automatically. On chargeback penalty fee is 22usd and double Premium price for each month of using.



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